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Reading Comprehension 14 (Meeting 14)- Shofiyul Millah


1. Read the text (of The Federal Reserve System) quickly and answer the questions given

2. Here is a video of

Watch and write a summary of the explanations contained in the video.

Put your answer in an answer field in the form of SKUP in BL102A iMe class and submit it in a form of a link in the BL102A iDu class.


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1. Read the text (of The Federal Reserve System) quickly and answer the questions given.

1. Which of the following is the main point of the passage?
A. They were both laboratory and literary alchemists.
B. Base metals can be transmuted to gold by blending them with a substance more perfect than gold.
C. Roger Bacon and St. Albertus Magnus wrote about alchemy
D. Alchemy was the predecessor of modern chemistry.

2. The word authentic in paragraph 2 could best be replaced by ?
A. Valuable
B. Genuine
C. Complete
D. Comprehensible

3. According to the alchemists, what is the difference between base metals and gold?
A. Perfection
B. Chemical content
C. Temperature
D. Weight

4. According to the passage, what is the “philosopher’s stone”?
A. Lead that was mixed with gold
B. An element that was never found
C. Another name for alchemy
D. A base metal

5. The word cryptic in paragraph 3 could best be replaced by which of the following?
A. Scholarly
B. Secret
C. Foreign
D. Precise

6. Why did the early alchemists use the terns sun and moon?
A. To keep the work secret
B. To make the work more literary
C. To attract philosophers
D. To produce a written record

7. Who were the first alchemists?
A. Chemists
B. Writer
C. Artisans
D. Linguists

8. In paragraph 3, the author suggests that we know about the history of alchemy because ?
A. The laboratory alchemists kept secret notes
B. The literary alchemists recorded it in writing
C. The mystical philosophers were not able to hide the secret of alchemy
D. The historians were able to interpret the secret writings of the alchemists

9. Which of the following statements would the author most probably agree?
A. Alchemy must be considered a complete failure.
B. Some very important scientific discoveries were made by alchemists.
C. Most educated people dismissed alchemy during the time that it was practiced.
D. The literary alchemists were more important than the laboratory alchemists.

2. Make a summary

On December 23, 1913, the Owen-Glass Act established the Federal Reserve System – the central bank of the United States. “The Fed,” as most people call it, is unique because it is not a bank, but rather the twelve regional banks coordinated by the central board in Washington, D.C. The central bank is a bank for banks. This applies to banks, what banks do for individuals and companies. They hold their deposits – or legal reserves – for safekeeping; it makes a loan; and it creates its own credit in the form of made deposits, or additional legal reserves, or banknotes, called Federal Reserve banknotes. Loans to banks only if they appear to be strong enough to repay loans. He also has the responsibility of promoting economic stability, as far as possible, by controlling credit.

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